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Introducing the Julio Otoni Project Blog…

This blog is all about the Julio-Otoni Project, a social and educational project in Julio Otoni, a small low income community (favela) in Rio de Janeiro. As in other poor areas of Rio de Janeiro, the area is heavily affected by the presence of criminal gangs, drugs and guns. Due in part to the lack of occupational alternatives in the community and the financial lure that it represents, it is not at all unusual for children as young as twelve and thirteen to become involved with the drug and gang culture. The Julio-Otoni project is all about creating possibilities and offering alternatives to the children and young people of the community so that this doesn’t happen.
The project has been in existance since 2006 and has gone from strength to strength and has made a difference that is instantly visible in many of the children who participate in the project. However, one of the things we are aware of is that we don’t tell people (our friends, supporters and those who don’t even know about us yet) enough about what the project does and the good things that are going on in this little corner of this world.

The Blog Volunteer Team (Front: Saulo, Amanda, Teresa, Diogo, Back: David, Charles, Cicero)

The Blog Volunteer Team (Front: Saulo, Amanda, Teresa, Diogo, Back: David, Charles, Cicero)

So we have decided to create The Julio Otoni Project blog and merge the project website with the blog so there is one place you can go to find out all about the project – be it the past, present or day to day. A group of volunteers (brazilian and international) will be helping pull together the material for the blog and we are fortunate enough to have the help of the Galera.com project – a technology project from the nearby Prazeres community who will be lending a hand when it comes to capturing events on film. The Galera.com project and in particular young film director, Saulo Nicolai from the Prazeres community were recently recognised for their short film entry “Affection” which made runner up in the European Student Film Festival.


2 Responses

  1. Hello to all the children at Julio Otoni. I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely christmas decoration you sent to me – I have hung it up in my home and it looks lovely.

    I enjoyed looking at the photos of you making them.

    Thanks again and Happy Christmas to you all.

  2. Prezados amigos :
    Un abrazo inmenso para las mulheres, crianzas, y jovenes de Julio Otoni. Estuvimos en Marzo visitandolos con Thais de Redeh, con motivo del Foro Urbano. Agora la tragedia nos conmueve.
    Toda nuestra solidaridade!
    Olenka Ochoa
    Fed.Mujeres Municipalistas A.Latina-Caribe
    Comision Huairou

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