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Merry Christmas from Brazil!

Everyone likes to get a card or present in the post and December is certainly the month when we receive lots of them!  This year instead of making traditional Xmas cards the arts and crafts class decided to make Christmas Tree Decorations.  Armed with plenty of paper, coloured pens, glitter, stars (and all the other goodies that make for a good arts and crafts project) the project designed some very creative and colourful decorations that can be folded together and hung from your Xmas Tree. The designs that the children came up with certainly reflect the sun and colour of Brazil so it really is a little bit of Brazilian Xmas sunshine for the christmas tree this year!

Click here to watch a video clip of the decorations being made (and of course the children showing off their designs) or watch it from the project video gallery on the right.

Feliz Natal / Merry Christmas!


7 Responses

  1. Hello everyone.

    Thank you for my decoration it is wonderfull. It must be one of the best things I have recieved for christmas. It is now hanging up and taking pride of place in my room.
    To all of you out there I say keep up the good work and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. 🙂

  2. Feliz Natal de Inglaterra!! xx

  3. Hello Fabiana –

    Thank you very much for the beautiful Christmas ornament you made! It was a very nice surprise to get a gift from Brazil just in time for Christmas. I appreciate the time and effort you and your friends put into making all those ornaments!

    I’ll say an extra prayer for you tonight, asking God to bless you with peace and joy during the holiday season. Feliz Natal!

    Carmel Valley, CA, USA

  4. Dear Andriele

    Thank you for the lovely Christmas Decoration. We really enjoyed getting it and have hung it on our Christmas Tree.

    We also love our Jinga shoes from Brazil.

    Love from Riley (aged 6) Willow (aged 4) and Eli (aged 2)

  5. Hello!!

    i just want to say a massive thank you for my lovely x.mas decoration, it was such a nice thing to receive on Christmas Eve it took pride of place at the top of my tree.
    My decoration was a very pretty flower with little sparkly bits , so whoever made that for me you truly made my day!!!!
    i really hope that all of you keep up with your hard work and make sure you study hard at school i hope you all had a fabulous christmas and an evan better new year with love Georgia….xxx

    p.s. to all you volunteers at julio otoni keep up the good work!!x

  6. hello
    just like to say thank you very much for my decoration it was a joy to get it.
    it was nice to know that someone had put so much effort into making it for me it means a lot to me .
    keep up the good work, thanks again, henry

  7. Hello group!!
    I also got a wonderful surprise in my mail today! It was forwarded from Canada to Switzerland, but Fabiana – my pyramid is so beautiful I can use it for decoration everyday, not just Christmas!!
    Lots of love from Zurich, Switzerland

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