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Doing all things Digital….

It’s been a few weeks since the new term kicked off at the project and it has been a very busy few weeks indeed. This term, the focus is on all things Digital…thanks to some very creative volunteers (Frances and Tamara), the kids have started photography classes, producing their own videos on current and social issues and even writing, producing and acting in their own short “novela” (Brazilian Soap Opera) style videos. As you can imagine, the kids are absolutely LOVING it! There have been some logisitical and technical issues to overcome (only having a few working cameras and no working computers being the main ones) but everyone has pulled together and thanks to some amazing camera donations things are now well underway.

So, aside from being great fun, is there a  reason why workshops like these are important to the kids? Frances fron Banded tells us what Digital Depiction and Peeps from Within is all about and why it’s important…

“‘Digital Depiction’ is a series of workshops that aim to teach children from poor communities in Rio de Janeiro techniques in

By Kaio Age 9. Taken in Lesson 3 - making interesting photos by placing objects in the background

digital photography, film making and ways in which they can show, through imagery, a true, realistic representation of their community to an outside audience, who often have many negative preconceived ideas. Throughout a twelve week programme the children will be introduced to different techniques essentials in photography and be familiarised to other photographers and artists and well as creative and political thinkers for inspiration. They will be encouraged to use techniques learnt and experiment with their photography to produce interesting, exciting images that capture their lives and communities. Each week will be based on a different photographic technique and will encompass different themes such as environment, women, family etc.

Part of the Digital Depiction will be shown through the moving image. Each week a ‘Peeps from Within’ will be produced. ‘Peeps’ is a serious of 3 minute video shorts from the slum where the children answer questions on different subjects, such as rubbish, violence, future possibilities for Rio and themselves or current events happening in the city at the time (for example we have previously made a video on the war in Complexo Alemão). ‘Peeps’ is designed to work jointly with the photography (as a moving image representation) or stand on its own. These films give the children a voice and use the Internet (they are uploaded weekly along with the photography) and social networks to capture a wide audience and show a true view of the slum straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. In the first Peeps from Within, the children give their opinions on foreigners and locals…

By the end of the project the children would have produced weekly ‘Peeps from Within’ news feed, a portfolio of photos and would have learnt many techniques in image based mediums and life skills. Throughout the project the photos and videos will be exhibited online on the project’s website as well as various other sites and social networks. This is a continuous source of motivation for the children and attracts an audience that follow the project from beginning to end.

Goddamn Milk by Luis Felipe age 10. Taken in Lesson 2 where the theme was close-ups

 The main conclusion of the project will be an exhibition. This is so that the children can take pride in their work and actually see an end result as they have it displayed within their community and in local shops and cafes. The children will also be involved in this process.. I believe that it is essential that they are involved in all the processes of ‘Digital Depiction’ from beginning to end to really give a true sense of them and their community to the outcomes.”

We totally agree and based on the kids excitement every class we think they do too.

Follow the great output from Digital Depiction here on our blog (under photos and videos) or the Banded Facebook Page.

Coming soon….Julio Otoni TV, Novela style….watch this space!

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