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The Julio Otoni Recycling Project on TV Brasil!

We are really proud to say that the recycling project at Julio Otoni led by Eliana and Karina was featured on TV Brasil recently. It was filmed and

Eliana from Mulheres de Julio Otoni

narrated through the eyes of the children (portuguese only) but the short clip is a great way to understand how the Mulheres de Julio Otoni (Women of Julio Otoni) as the project is called, takes recycled paper and turns it into restaurant place-mats and other products in order to generate an income. Thanks to their hard work and determination Eliana and Karina are able to support themselves through this project and when they receive a big order, they call on the the help of other women in the community. Their vision is for the project to grow and for them to be able to offer employment to other women in the community on a regular basis. Let’s hope their dream becomes a reality!


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