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New classes at community centre

This week, the Julio Otoni community centre welcomed new volunteers from Mexico, England, Argentina and the USA. The volunteers are dividing their time between morning and afternoon groups, teaching Emotional Intelligence and Music, as well as organizing recreational activities for the children.

Marla González Ayala, Mexico, is leading the Emotional Intelligence class, which aims to help the children identify and understand their own and others’ emotions. “Emotional Intelligence is very important because we never actually learn to perceive our emotions and see what is really happening inside of us. We are affected by emotions during every moment of every day, yet sometimes we fail to notice how these can hold us back”, said Marla. Teaching the children to manage their emotions will develop their ability to respond to and solve problems they may face in daily life.

???????????????????????????????Music classes will be led by Facundo Mora, from Argentina, who hopes to build on the percussion skills already taught by the children’s current music teachers. “I’d like to introduce the children to Argentinean and Uruguayan rhythms, such as Candombe, Cumbia and Chacarera, which is from the north of Argentina. During classes, we aim to use not only percussion, but also our bodies and voices as instruments,” said Facundo.

The new classes will encourage the children’s awareness of their minds and bodies and focus on channelling their energy into creative outlets.

If you are interested in making a donation to the Julio Otoni Project, check out our site on Global Giving.

If you are interested in volunteering at Julio Otoni, click here for more information.


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