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Our visit to Travessias

Last week we went with the Julio Otoni kids to Travessias 2, an art gallery located in the Favela da Mare right here in Rio de Janeiro. I’ve been hearing really cool things about the art initiatives of the Museu da Mare, so it was a really good opportunity to check it out in person. We took a ‘kombi’ (or van) that was sponsored by REDES http://redesdamare.org.br/, an NGO that helps the Mare community.

The kids were very excited about all the art in the Gallery. All the artists at the exhibit were Brazilian but also world renowned which gave the kids a lot of incentive to start our photography course this week. The kids all asked and answered the questions that our museum guide had, and we were said to be one of the best groups they’ve had so far.

This gallery was a spacious gallery, with a lot of books and interactive art, which had the kids very engaged the whole way through. They got to peep into a hole that showed other museums from around the world, they touched sculptures, looked at great photography from the slums, and played with a ‘Surdo’ re-invented by the famous Ernesto Neto. They had questions about the contemporary paintings on the walls, different than the ones they’re used to seeing in their History books. And at the end they looked at collages made by the also famous Vik Muniz, and took inspiration to make their very own collage.

We were all served a ‘lanche’ by the staff at Travessias and some ‘pastel’ and ‘guarana’ complements of Niger. It was a fun filled day and I can’t wait to hang out with them some more.

The exhibit runs till Jun 23rd, and I highly recommend it if you’re in Rio: http://2013.travessias.org.br/english/

Also look out for the upcoming exhibits at the Museu da Mare!





















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