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Julio Otoni Prepares for Jobatucanto’s Latin American Adventures!

For the past month, the afternoon music class at the Julio Otoni Community Center has been preparing for the kids’ next musical performance, “Jobatucanto’s Latin American Adventures,” scheduled for this Saturday, July 13th at 7pm in the Sede (resident’s association) of the favela. 

“Jobatucanto,” as the group is affectionately known, is an amalgamation of the words “Jo” – for “Julio Otoni,” “batu”, for “batucada,” a sub-style of samba that includes African-influenced percussion, and “canto,” referring to the vocal aspect of the group. The group was formed in October 2011 when Profesora Vânia from Minas Gerais first started volunteering at the center. The kids learned Brazilian and African rhythms until Profesora Natalia, from Argentina, joined in July 2012 and expanded their repertoire. Jobatucanto did the music for Cinderella, the kids’ musical theater performance earlier this year and have also performed in another, smaller, end-of-year presentation, but this is their first full-length performance focusing on their talents.  

The show will take the audience on a musical journey across Latin America, and will feature songs from Brazil, Cuba, Argentina and Uruguay. The morning class will have its chance to shine, too, as they will be involved with set design and will have paintings they completed during their English class on display. 

Entrance to the event is free, with the chance to donate however much the spectators want to give. There will also be a vintage clothing sale to raise funds for the Center. With the money raised from the Cinderella performance, we were able to buy a sound system and we hope to raise enough money to make another, similarly meaningful contribution this time around.

Volunteers from around the world have put in lots of time and energy this week into making the show a success – please come and support their efforts!





Making lamps for the set of Jobatucanto’s Latin American Adventures 

ImageImageRehearsal sessions



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