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Tchau, David!

This week we say good bye to a long term volunteer at the center. David is returning to his homeland of Austria this week, after nine months of volunteering with the Julio Otoni project.


David has been a dedicated English teacher for both adults and children of the Julio Otoni community, as well as a chaperone on adventures with the kids.

I had the chance to sit and talk with David a bit about his time at the center, and was inspired by his commitment. When David first arrived he spoke no Portuguese and had no teaching experience. Day by day his Portuguese advanced and he discovered his aptitude for creating engaging English lessons. It was the positive response from the community at Julio Otoni that kept David coming back despite the challenges he faced.

“Nothing is too difficult. There is knowledge to be gained from every situation, no matter how difficult.

Some of David’s favorite parts of his time at the center were his excursions with the students. These included visits to a nature reserve outside of the city and to Teatro Sesi here in the city center.


Another favorite aspect of the job for David was the amount of personal growth he underwent throughout the experience. David is returning to Austria with the realization of his capability as a teacher and a higher value placed on education.


Thank you, David. We’ll miss you!


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