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Guna the Great Sharing her Passion for Art, Health and Life at Julio Otoni


The Julio Otoni Project has attracted many great volunteers, and Miss Guna is surely one of them. This glowing and healthful soul came to Julio Otoni to teach art classes, which have grown into much more.

Guna shared with me the three key components of her classes:

1. Increasing body awareness and appreciation


Starting each class with breathing exercises and yoga postures helps the kids at Julio Otoni become aware of the present moment.

2. Art as a means to discover youself

Guna and her teaching partner Hernan, use open ended assignments to allow the students to explore. The painting above was created when the students were asked to paint their soul.

3. Food- giving thanks and eating what will help us grow.

Guna created these mandalas with the students to celebrate the fun and beauty in healthy food. This is just one of example of the many healthy snacks Guna and Hernan have prepared for the students at Julio Otoni. Using whole ingredients and no sugar Guna shares delicious vegan snacks with the kids. As an artist Guna is also aware of the importance of the presentation of the food and how this can help us eat with more awareness and gratitude.

Guna’s classes are based in concepts many of us could learn from, and the Julio Otoni project is oh so lucky to have her as a volunteer. What’s even better is that when I asked Guna for any last thoughts about her experiences at JO she only wanted to give thanks for the opportunity to share her gifts with the community, and tell me how grateful she is for this place.
What a beautiful and mutually beneficial exchange!

Thank you Guna, we cherish your good work.



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