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Making the World a more Beautiful Place

Meet Miriam Brugmann, better known as Miru.


Miru brings color and adventure to gray city walls in Rio de Janeiro, including our own walls here at the Julio Otoni center.
Her current series is based in her passion for animals, nature and music. It began with inspiration from a powerful full moon over the ocean that inspired Miru while she was living in Salvador, Bahia. Now she shares this inspiration with the children at Julio Otoni, painting murals on the walls of the community center.
You can also see the influence of powerful indigenous culture present in Miru’s art, as she spent a time studying the colors and patterns used by tribes in the Amazon region.


Miru believes that just living in a place full of art and color will improve the lives of the children, and so she makes her contribution to the community center in this way. She also remembers the influence of her grandmother, always encouraging her sister and her to draw and paint as kids. Miru says she never thought she would grow up to be an artist.

To see more of Miru’s art, visit her face book page: Miriam Brugmann

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