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Children and Youth

Since its’ inception, the Julio Otoni Community Centre (CCJO) has provided various projects and activities for children in a wide age-range of 718 years old. Currently the focus is on providing activities for children aged 712 years, offering them alternative activities in the times they are not at school (children in Brazil only attend school for 1/2 a day) and in the school holidays (a time when they otherwise would be left to wander the local streets).

The activities offered include Arts amd Crafts, Sports, Capoeira, Computing, English and Environmental Education. There is also a tutoring program for those behind in their learning abilities. The project is going from strength to strength and today has 40 children who attend on a regular basis. There is also a computer room available with broadband internet donated by the Digital Inclusion program of the Banco do Brasil which is also available to the wider community. Click here to find out more about the programs for Children and Youth

Ateliê Mulheres de Santa

This is a womens co-operative that was established in 2007 who using recycled materials, produce arts and cratfs that are sold locally and generate a small income for the women of the project. Click here to find out more about the Ateliê Mulheres de Santa

Creche Cacula

In April 2008, the creche in the community asked for assistance in admistering the creche to avoid it being closed down. The Julio Otoni project supported the creche during 2008 & 2009 by improving the physical conditions of the creche, facilitating additional nutritional items and support and training the staff of the creche in basic child-care skills as well as providing them with an income. (Photos)

The Filhas de Santa

During 2007 and 2008, the Julio Otoni project deveeloped a project called “The Filhas de Santa” (The Daughters of Santa), focussed on the development of the young women in the Julio Otoni and surrounding communities. Click here to find out more about “The Filhas de Santa”

Residents Association

Also in 2008, the Community Centre initiated the process to form a residents association for the community. This included improving the  physical conditions of the building and holding meetings throughout the year with the community residents that culminated in the creation of a new legal residents association and the election of it’s management committee. This is an important milestone in getting the community to take responsibility for their future. (Photos coming soon)

Renovation of Public Spaces in the Community

The renovation of public spaces in the community is another of the important initiatives to improve the social conditions that the Community Centre has been leading from the start of the project. As a result many of the public spaces have been renovated or painted, and many with murals. Saiba mais sobre os ações de desenvolvimento comunitários/ (Video Ikoporan)


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